How to Wear a Cloth Mask

Aug 02

Allegro Pediatrics

How to Wear a Cloth Mask

by Allegro Pediatrics


Allegro Pediatrics supports wearing a mask when in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We require a mask for everyone visiting our clinics, 2 years and older. 

It is important to find masks that have a snug fit. Select a washable, breathable mask with 2+ layers of fabric that completely covers your nose and mouth. Also, be sure the mask fits snug against the sides of your face and has a nose wire at the top to prevent air from escaping.

Many children find a mask more comfortable when it is the correct size, made of a fabric that doesn’t bother them, has elastic that goes around the head instead of behind the ears, and the elastic ear loops attach to buttons on a favorite hat, glasses, or on a headband.