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Jun 17

Allegro Pediatrics

Well checks, sports, camp, & medication forms - oh my!

by Allegro Pediatrics


Summertime is here! That means fun in the sun, but it is also a perfect time to come in for a well check visit and get any sports physical, camp health, or medication authorization forms taken care of! Call us to schedule an appointment, and learn more about what to do when you need a form completed by one of our providers:

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: “My child comes in multiple times a year for medication checks and sick visits. Do these visits count as wellness checks?”

A: No, these are different types of appointments. We need to have seen your child for a full wellness exam (also called a physical, well check, annual, yearly, etc.) within the last 2 years. If it has been more than 6 months since your child’s last wellness exam, you will need to complete the Allegro Health History Questionnaire before a sports physical or camp health form can be signed by the provider. Please check with your school or program as some require a full wellness exam once a year.

Q: “When will my form be available?”

A: Our providers fill out forms in between seeing patients, so please allow 2 business days (excluding weekends & holidays) for forms to be completed. The best way to have your forms handled in a timely fashion is to make sure that all forms are filled out completely and, if desired, please include the fax number to which we can send the forms when ready.

Q: “How will I receive the forms when they are ready?”

A: You will receive a call when your form is ready. You can pick up the form from the clinic, receive the form by fax, or receive the form by postal mail (in 1-2 weeks). We are not able to e-mail completed forms at this time.

Q: “Can I reuse my sports physical form from last year?”

A: The schools determine whether or not this is allowed. Allegro Pediatrics does not retain copies of completed forms, so we encourage families to make or request a copy before submitting.