COVID Vaccines

COVID Vaccines

COVID-19 is a serious illness, and the risk of infection is scary. Fortunately, COVID vaccines have been developed and approved for use in individuals 5 years and older. Research has reassuringly shown that the Pfizer COVID vaccine, approved for children 5+, is safe and effective at preventing serious complications from COVID infection. Please see below for COVID vaccine information specific to your child’s age and a link to scheudle online.

COVID Vaccines: 5-11 year olds

The pediatric Pfizer COVID vaccine is currently approved for use in children ages 5-11. Additionally, children 5-11 years old are now eligible to receive a booster dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Your child may qualify for this dose if it has been at least five months since their second dose, or third dose for immunosuppressed patients, of the Pfizer vaccine.  

We offer the pediatric COVID vaccine for 5+ year old patients at scheduled Well Child Check-ups and follow-up visits! Additionally, offer weekly COVID vaccine only appointments on Wednesday afternoons at our Administration building. Click the button below to schedule a COVID vaccine only appointment online.

Please note: Any patient who gets their first dose when they are 11 years old then turns 12 years old before their second dose should receive the 12+ year-old dose for their second shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the COVID Booster Dose in Children 5-11

Which COVID vaccine booster is available at Allegro?

We are offering the Pfizer COVID-19 booster. It is the only one currently approved in this age group. 

What are the possible side effects of the booster shot?

The booster dose is the same low dose (1/3 the adult dose) as the primary series.  The research trial showed that children tolerate a booster dose as well as they did the primary shots, with most experiencing fewer side effects than adults.  The most common reactions were mild and brief, including pain in the arm where the shot was given, tiredness, or headache. 

Are booster doses currently available to 5-11 year old kids at Allegro?

We offer all doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, including booster doses, to patients 5+ at scheduled Well Child Check-ups and follow-up appointments. Additionally, we offer weekly COVID vaccine only appointments on Wednesday afternoons at our administration building.  Space and staffing are currently very limited on these Wednesdays, so please be patient as we assess demand and reorganize how best to support you. 

Are any other COVID vaccine brands expected to be available soon?

Moderna has submitted a request to the FDA for approval of their COVID vaccine in the 6 month and older population.  Formal review is scheduled for June.  It is not yet known if this will include approval for children who received Pfizer as their primary series to get a Moderna booster. 

Do you anticipate the approval an omicron-specific or multi-variant booster available for children 5-11 in the fall?

Although both Pfizer and Moderna are currently conducting trials for adults, there are no current trials for omicron-specific boosters or universal vaccines in kids.   

Will there be a COVID booster and flu vaccine combination shot available in the fall for children 5-11?

Although Moderna and Novavax have both announced trials of combination COVID/flu vaccine, they are not expected to be available until the 2023 flu season. At this time the trials only include adults. It is not yet known when they will include children.

Will you be offering COVID booster shots during your Drive-Thru Flu events this fall?

We have found that we can offer flu vaccine to patients and their parents most efficiently by offering vaccine in a drive-thru model. The logistics of offering both vaccines at the same time would mean that we could serve significantly fewer patients per day. Therefore, at this time, we plan to offer only flu via mass vaccination and will continue to offer COVID vaccine to all patients seen in clinic for any visit type.

What do you recommend if my child is 11 years now but will be turning 12 years soon?

Once your child turns 12 years-old, you should follow the FDA and CDC recommendations for 12-17 year-olds. Currently, most children and teens should get a booster dose at least 5 months after the final dose in their primary series. For moderately or severely immunocompromised children and teens, they should receive a booster dose at least 3 months after the final dose in their primary series.

My child recently had COVID infection. Should I wait to get them boosted?

The main benefit of COVID vaccine is to prevent serious or complicated infection. Fortunately, serious infection, including hospitalization and death, is rare in children. Unfortunately, long COVID is more common. This term refers to symptoms that persist after infection such as fatigue, “brain fog,” or other reactions due to a dysregulated immune system response to the virus. Studies have confirmed that patients who are boosted are at lower risk for adverse outcomes. 

Timing is important for COVID vaccine boosters because immunity after both natural infection and vaccine protection decreases over time. Research currently shows that reinfection with the many emerging subvariants of omicron (BA.2, BA.2.12, BA.3 BA.4, BA.5, and XE) is possible. Vaccines offer better protection against getting reinfected from these new strains than prior infection with the original version (BA.1) of omicron alone. 

The risk of catching infection is likely to remain high for children until the school year ends and the weather improves. This is because most interactions remain indoors, which present higher risk for exposure than outdoors. Each family’s personal decision about when to get your child boosted will depend on how social you are, whether you wear masks indoors, if any family members are high risk, if you have travel plans that you don’t want to miss, and how new variants continue to evolve.

I’ve heard that a COVID vaccine for children 6 months – 4 years may be approved soon. Will there be drive-thru clinics offered for this group?  If so, will the COVID vaccine and booster doses be available for children 5+ at the event?

The FDA and CDC are scheduled to meet towards the end of June to review the results of research about the safety and effectiveness of COVID vaccine in children 6 months - 4 years old. We are watching the process closely and will keep you updated.  If vaccine is approved, we will announce when and how it will be available to our patients. We hope to be able to offer a drive-thru event for patients 6 months to 4 years-old this summer. In order to ensure safety of our youngest patients, we will not be able to offer COVID vaccine to patients 5+ years-old at such an event because dosing is different for each age group.

COVID Vaccines: 12+ year olds

The Pfizer COVID vaccine is currently approved for use in adolescents 12+. Additionally, adolescents should receive a booster shot 5 months after their initial Pfizer vaccination series.

We are now offering the COVID vaccine, including booster doses, for 12+ year old patients at scheduled Well Child Check-ups and follow-up visits! Additionally, are offering weekly COVID vaccine only appointments on Wednesday afternoons at our Administration building. Click the button below to schedule a COVID vaccine only appointment online.

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Community Vaccination Sites

If you are unable to schedule a COVID vaccine at Allegro for your child, there are vaccination sites in the community. Many community sites offer the COVID vaccine for children 5 years and older. Please check the list below for appointment availability.

  • Visit Public Health Insider to schedule with FEMA's Community Vaccination Clinic
  • Visit, powered by the CDC, to search for pediatric Pfizer vaccines in our area
  • The WA Department of Health has added an option to filter your search by pediatric Pfizer doses
  • University of Washington is offering the vaccine and you can schedule online
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital is offering pediatric 5-11 year old doses and 12+ doses by appointment only. If you need help finding appointment availability, please email

COVID Resources

The providers and staff at Allegro Pediatrics understand that the COVID pandemic often feels overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We are here to support you and provide trusted resources to help address your family’s concerns. Please visit the COVID Resources tabs below for information on your specific topic of concern or visit our COVID Vaccine FAQs blog. We encourage you to schedule a Virtual Visit if you have a particular situation in your family that you would like to discuss with your primary care pediatrician.