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Traveling With Your Child

Traveling with children can be a wonderful, but sometimes challenging, experience. Normal routines are thrown out the window, and a new environment with different food, germs and people can sometimes lead to sickness.


Here are ideas to help the entire family stay healthy while traveling: Staying Healthy While You Travel.


For more helpful travel tips for your family, check out the TravelMamaMD blog from our own Dr. Julie Wen, or these sites with information for families traveling overseas:



Allegro Pediatrics eTravel Clinic

In addition to talking with your primary doctor about travel questions, you can now request online pre-travel health consultations that are affordable and convenient.


Submit your completed eTravel Questionnaire to us either by fax or by dropping it off at any of our eight offices. Our travel medicine physician, Dr. Julie Wen, will review your itinerary and make recommendations regarding travel medications, vaccines, and illness prevention. You will receive a secure e-mail with these recommendations within 2-3 business days.


If your child needs special travel vaccines, these can be scheduled with a nurse, typically at our Bellevue or Redmond Ridge location. If your child needs special travel prescriptions, Dr. Wen will send those prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. Since some travel vaccines need to be administered up to four weeks before your trip, please take this into consideration for your pre-travel planning. However, it is never too late to benefit from a pre-travel health consult through our new eTravel clinic service.


Please note:

  • The eTravel service is offered at a cost of $60. Please note that, while we will bill your insurance, you will be responsible for this amount if the service isn’t covered.
  • Allegro Pediatrics is a certified Yellow Fever vaccination center and administers this vaccine at our Redmond Ridge office after an eTravel consult. Allegro  does not carry Hepatitis A immunoglobulin, Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine, or Rabies vaccine. For children older than three years of age, Dr. Wen can send a prescription to a local travel pharmacy who can administer these vaccines. The pharmacy may charge an additional fee.
  • For new patients, please submit a copy of your child's immunization record along with the completed eTravel questionnaire.