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Contact Information

Contact our Referrals Department by calling (425) 460-5603 and selecting the option for Referrals, or by sending us a message through the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal

Referral Instructions

Please read the following instructions if your child's provider has recommended they be evaluated by a specialist. Always check with your insurance company before visiting a specialist to verify coverage or to check if you need a pre-authorization.

Seattle Children’s
Other Specialty Practices in the Community
  • Please check with your insurance to help determine coverage.
  • Call the specialty provider directly to schedule at any time. Often, a referral is not needed to complete scheduling or to be seen. We do not send information to the specialist unless it is necessary.
  • If you are unable to schedule, please call our Referrals Department to let us know. We will send any necessary information to the specialist.
  • Please call us if a pre-authorization is needed and we will process this for you.


What is a referral?

A referral is a recommendation that your child be evaluated by a specialist from an Allegro Pediatrics provider. When an Allegro Pediatrics provider orders a referral, any necessary notes from your child's health record can be sent to the specialist.

How long does the referral take to process?

It typically takes about a week for our referrals team to process a referral. Certain times of the year are busier than others. If your child's referral is to Seattle Children's, please wait at least one week before attempting to schedule an appointment. If your child's referral is to a specialty practice in the community, you are often able to schedule your appointment right away and a referral is not needed to be seen. We do not send information to the specialist unless it is necessary.

Where was I referred to?

If you were referred to Seattle Children’s, we generally advise that your child see the next available provider within the specialty department, unless a specific specialist was recommended by your Allegro Provider. You may have been referred to a specific location or provider elsewhere in the community. If the recommended specialist is not covered by your insurance or if a specific specialist was not recommended to you, it is acceptable to go to any specialist who is covered under your insurance plan. We have a list of commonly recommended practices in the community that we can provide, however it is your responsibility to know who is on your insurance plan.

Is the provider and/or appointment covered under my insurance?

Always check with your insurance company ahead of time to see if the recommended specialist is covered by your insurance. Due to our high volume of referral requests, Allegro Pediatrics does not identify this specific information for you. You can also call the specialist directly to see if they accept your insurance. Receiving a referral from Allegro Pediatrics does not guarantee coverage.

Once the referral is sent, how soon until I can get an appointment?

This depends on the availability of the specialist. Pediatric specialties are often in high demand and may have longer wait times. We recommend calling multiple locations to find the specialty practice that meets your needs.

Will someone call me to schedule or when the referral is completed?

Allegro will not contact you after the referral is processed, but please let us know if there is anything we can do to help along the way. There are a couple of specialists that may call you for scheduling once they have received the referral. Most often, you will need to call the specialist directly.

Does Allegro send notes to the specialist?

We will always send notes from your health record to Seattle Children’s, and we will send notes to other specialists in the community if it is required by the specialist. We usually send recent chart notes, growth charts, and any imaging or lab reports related to the concern.

How long is a referral good for?

In general, referrals last for 6 or 12 months, but the exact length will depend on the specialty type and the requirements of your insurance plan. Please check with the specialist and your insurance plan as needed, as they will be able to best determine when your referral will expire.

What if my insurance requires a referral or pre-authorization before I can schedule?

All insurances are different. We don’t always have the necessary information to know if a referral or pre-authorization is needed. We recommend calling your insurance company ahead of time to find out if you need a referral or pre-authorization before scheduling with the specialist. If your insurance requires pre-authorization before you can schedule, please call to let us know. If you are going somewhere other than Seattle Children's and your insurance requires a referral, please call to let us know as well.

Do I need to have an appointment with an Allegro provider before I can get a referral?

If you have previously discussed your child’s concerns with an Allegro Pediatrics provider, you may not have to be seen again before receiving a referral. However, if this is a new concern, your child will need to see their Allegro Pediatrics provider before a recommendation can be made. A Virtual Visit may be a great option for discussing referrals with your child's provider.

What does an “urgent referral” mean?

If your child’s provider is concerned that your child’s health is in immediate jeopardy, they will request an urgent referral. The Allegro Pediatrics provider will consult with a specialist to arrange for your child to be seen sooner than they would typically be seen. Our referrals staff will process these within 24 hours. Requests for an urgent referral to speed up scheduling for convenience will not be granted.