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Childhood Immunizations

Immunizing your child is one of the most important things you can do as a parent or guardian to keep them safe and healthy. Immunizations are an important part of routine check-ups, and the recommended vaccination schedule is coordinated with these visits. The vaccination schedule is based off of recommendations from the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our doctors may consider adjustments in the vaccination schedule based their best clinical judgment for individual patients as needed. 

Most schools and daycares in Washington State require a Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form for enrollment. MyIR Mobile, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health, allows you to gain secure, anytime access to your child’s immunization records. Visit the MyIR Mobile website to sign up for an account and link your child’s information to view and print their CIS report.
Immunization Schedule
Recommended Immunization Schedule

We will be offering Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinics next fall! If you are the parent or caregiver of a current Allegro patient and would like to receive a flu vaccine from us, please fill out this form by August 15th. Completing the form will allow you to schedule online when it becomes available.
Current Allegro patients and parents/caregivers who previously received a flu shot at Allegro do not need to fill out a form.

The flu vaccine is available to patients 6 months and older. Allegro patients can receive their annual flu shot at any scheduled Well Care or follow-up appointment, or by scheduling an immunization only appointment. 

Depending on their age, some children may need 2 doses of the flu vaccine for best protection.

  • Children 9 years and older: 1 dose
  • Children 6 months through 8 years: Some may need 2 doses for best protection
    • Children 6 months through 8 years receiving a flu vaccine for the first time, and those who have only previously received one dose of flu vaccine, should receive two doses. The second dose should be given at least 4 weeks after their first dose. Flu vaccine is available in clinic at scheduled Well Child Check-ups and follow-up visits.
    • For children who require 2 doses, both doses should be administered even if the child turns age 9 years between dose 1 and dose 2.
    • If your child previously received two doses of flu vaccine (at any time), they only need one dose of flu vaccine this season.

All children 6 months and older are eligible to receive the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccine. Allegro Pediatrics supports your family’s decision to receive either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccine. We do have limitations on what we can offer in clinic to our patients. 

At this time, we only offer the Moderna vaccine to patients 6 months - 18 years old. All doses of the Moderna COVID vaccine are available at scheduled Well Child Check-ups and follow-up appointments. We also offer immunization only appointments.

Please visit Vaccinate WA to find vaccine locations in the community if you would prefer a different brand or if you are unable to schedule a COVID vaccine at Allegro for your child.

The doctors in our practice know that vaccines, or immunizations, save lives. Immunizations prevent complications, disability, hospitalization, and death from disease. The most common side effects after receiving vaccinations include low-grade fever and soreness at the site of the injection. At Allegro Pediatrics we use combination vaccines whenever possible to deliver vaccines safely, with fewer overall injections.

Scientific research consistently supports vaccine safety and effectiveness. This research has repeatedly shown that there is no established link between vaccines and children's chronic health issues. Due to the success of immunizations, there are significantly fewer cases of deadly disease than ever before. However, there are still tragic stories of children suffering severe effects or dying from vaccine-preventable infections.

Our doctors are committed to discussing vaccinations and preserving relationships with families who decline or alter the recommended vaccine schedule. However, we do ask that these families sign a Refusal To Vaccinate Form to acknowledge acceptance of responsibility and potential consequences of vaccine refusal.

Below are some Allegro-approved immunization resources that we suggest to parents for review. You can also speak with your doctor at any time, if you have questions about immunizations.

  • Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know by Drs. Paul Offit and Louis Bell
  • Vaccinating Your Child: Questions and Answers for the Concerned Parent by Dr. Sharon Humiston and Cynthia Good
  • Immunizations and Infectious Diseases: An Informed Parent’s Guide by Dr. Margaret Fisher
  • Do Vaccines Cause That? A Guide for Evaluating Vaccine Safety Concerns by Dr. Martin Myers and Diego Pineda
  • The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear by Seth Mnookin

Allegro Pediatrics participates in the Washington State Vaccine Association and the national Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program. More information can be found on the Washington State Department of Health and Public Health Seattle & King County websites.

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