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The Importance of Choosing a Preferred Provider

We have nearly 80 excellent quality primary care providers who are here to serve you. We believe that developing a relationship with you is the best way to fulfill our mission “to partner with families to heal, nurture, and empower each child in their journey to adulthood.”  While Allegro’s medical care is standard across our organization, each provider’s style is unique. You can help us by choosing a preferred provider who fits your family. At each of your child’s wellness visits, your primary care provider will get to know your parenting preferences and become familiar with your child’s developmental, medical, and behavioral concerns. In order to offer you appointments 365 days per year, you may need to see a different provider for urgent and sick care concerns, but we believe it is best for your child’s care to schedule with your primary care provider for any serious concerns or follow-up of chronic issues. With your busy schedule and limited appointment times, especially with our very popular providers, it is best to plan ahead for these types of visits. We encourage you to book your child’s next wellness check or follow-up visit at the end of each appointment. If your schedule changes, you have flexibility in moving your appointment, as our appointment schedules are open up to 13 months in advance.

Allegro doctors are board-certified pediatricians - skilled, compassionate, and committed to providing your family with the personal experience and quality care they expect for their own. The FAAP credentials following our doctors' names indicate that they are a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, specifically that they are AAP members in good standing who have obtained their board certification in pediatrics.