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Traveling With Your Child

Traveling with children can be a wonderful, but sometimes challenging, experience. Normal routines are thrown out the window, and a new environment with different food, germs and people can sometimes lead to sickness. Check out these sites with information for families traveling overseas:

    CDC Travel

    US State Department Travel

    Our Pre-Travel Clinic

    We offer virtual pre-travel health consultations to discuss travel-related concerns, immunizations, and travel medications for your trip. You can schedule a consultation online by selecting Virtual Visit, or by calling us at (425) 827-4600. Since some travel vaccines need to be administered up to four weeks before your trip, please take this into consideration for your pre-travel planning. However, it is never too late to benefit from a pre-travel health consultation.

    In addition to scheduling a pre-travel virtual visit with your own primary care provider, you can also choose to schedule a pre-travel virtual visit with Dr. Julie Wen, our pediatric travel medicine specialist.

    Dr. Julie Wen

    Important Information

    • While we will bill your insurance, you will be responsible for any amount of the service isn’t covered.
    • Allegro Pediatrics is currently unable to offer Yellow Fever Vaccine in the office. If you are traveling to a region that requires this vaccine (most commonly Africa, South America, or Panama), Dr. Wen can send a prescription for the Yellow Fever Vaccine to be administered at a local travel pharmacy with an Pre-travel consultation.
    • Allegro does not carry Hepatitis A immunoglobulin, Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine, or Rabies vaccine.

    Helpful Resources