#AskAllegro Speaker Series

#AskAllegro Speaker Series

We are excited to continue our #AskAllegro Speaker Series! This virtual speaker series is designed to be an extension of the personal interaction you get from our providers in the exam room. During this interactive webinar series, our providers will share information on specific topics common in pediatrics. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • The interactive webinars will be 30 minutes long and led by one of Allegro’s providers 
  • Each webinar will begin with a presentation, followed by a Q&A session where you will have a chance to ask questions related to the topic presented 

We are excited to have you join us! Here’s a look at our upcoming #AskAllegro Speaker Series schedule: 

keeler.jpg  Toddler Feeding

  by Dr. Richard Keeler

  NEW DATE: Wednesday, 3/29 at 12:30pm

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reuter.jpg  The Power of Sleep

  by Dr. David Reuter

  Wednesday, 4/19 at 12:30pm

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tham.jpg  Starting Solids

  by Dr. Irene Tham

  Tuesday, 5/9 at 12:30pm

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shih.jpg  What to Expect With a Newborn

  by Dr. Lorena Shih

  Tuesday, 6/13 at 12:30pm

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altobelli.jpg  Talking With Our Daughters About Puberty

  by Dr. Molly Altobelli

  Tuesday, 9/12 at 7pm

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lu.jpg  Preparing Your Pre-Teen Sons for Puberty

  by Dr. Robert Lu

  Tuesday, 10/10 at 7pm

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arbon.jpg  Before Your Baby Arrives 

  by Dr. Kate Arbon

  Tuesday, 11/14 at 12:30pm

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