Drive-Thru Flu Shots

Drive-Thru Flu Shots!

For the first time ever we are offering drive-thru flu shot appointments for Allegro Pediatrics patients!


Who: Patients of all ages (sorry, no parents or caregivers) who do not need extra assistance staying still and calm during vaccinations. Flu Mist is not available at Drive-Thru Flu Clinics.

When: 9AM-6PM on the following weekends: 9/26 - 9/27, 10/10 - 10/11, 10/17 - 10/18, 10/24 - 10/25. and 11/14 - 11/15

Where: Allegro Pediatrics - Administrative Building, 2475 140th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005. Enter off NE 24th Street, across from Landmark Motors.

How: After reading the requirements below, schedule your drive-thru flu shot online using the link at the bottom of this pageDrive-thru flu shots are given by appointment only.

Important Requirements:

  • MASKS: Everyone in the car over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask.
  • UNDER 2 YEARS: The shot will be given in the outside of the upper thigh. Patient must arrive wearing only a diaper or underwear with a blanket covering them on the outside of their car seat. 
  • OVER 2 YEARS: The shot will be given in the upper arm. Patient must wear a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt that allows access to their upper arm. 
  • PATIENT SAFETY: If your child is overly anxious or uncooperative it can create a safety concern. In this case, staff may offer to schedule you an in-clinic appointment for your flu shot instead.
  • SEATING: The patients receiving the vaccine must be seated next to an accessible door. We will not be entering the vehicle to give any vaccinations. Older children, who are not in a car seat, may switch seats to allow access once the car is in park.
  • STAY HOME IF SICK: If you or your child has symptoms like fever, cough, congestion, loss of smell, etc. Cancel your appointment by calling and leaving us a voicemail at 425-827-4600. 
  • PRE-VISIT PAPERWORK: You are required to complete your Pre-Visit Paperwork for each child before you arrive for your flu shot appointment.


What else to expect:

  • Everyone’s temperature will be checked upon arrival. 
  • Staff will be opening your car door to have appropriate access to patients. 
  • Staff will be wearing masks, gloves, and other protective equipment. Gloves will be changed, and hands will be sanitized between cars.
  • The flu shot will be recorded in the patient's Immunization Chart.

Schedule your Drive-Thru Flu Shot Online Now!

When scheduling for more than one patient, you will need to book multiple appointments. Please book multiple appointments that are at the same time, or back to back times. If you have any issues or questions, give us a call at 425-827-4600, or send us a message through Contact Us.

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