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School, Sports, & Camp Physicals

Whether it’s a sports team, a summer camp, or enrollment in a new school, participation in activities and programs typically requires a clean bill of health. We’re here to help!

Please complete required program or school forms and confirm deadlines before scheduling an appointment, as requirements do vary by program and school district. Links to the websites of the various Eastside school districts are provided below.

To ensure that any previous or current health conditions are identified and addressed appropriately before participating in sports or camps, the Allegro Health History Questionnaire must be completed before the form can be signed by your doctor. If your child has had a Well Child Check-up within the last 6 months, you do not need to fill out the Health History Questionnaire. Keep in mind that it generally takes two business days (not including weekends) for program or school forms to be completed by your doctor, once they are received by our office.

Links to the websites of various Eastside school districts are provided below.

School Districts