Tips for a Safe Halloween

Oct 21

Allegro Pediatrics

Tips for a Safe Halloween

by Allegro Pediatrics

1. Pumpkin Carving: purchase the kits that are especially made for pumpkin carving. They include safe instruments (plastic mini-saws and drills). DO NOT USE KNIVES. Pumpkins are slippery, which can make it easy to cut fingers and tendon injuries are often a common result.

2. Try to Trick-or-Treat while it is still light outside. Have a parent or older brother/sister go Trick-or-Treating with children. Try to encourage children to Trick-or-Treat in groups. If possible, have an adult accompany all groups of children to the front door.


3. Costumes should be made so they are:

  • Easy to walk and get on/off of vehicles.
  • Easily seen (light colors).
  • Short—to prevent tripping.
  • Comfortable—well fitting shoes.

4. Use reflective tape on costumes for added visibility.

5. Avoid swords, wands, and other props that may jab or poke.

6. Provide each child with a flashlight or light stick, so they can see and be seen. Do not use candles.

7. Why not use make-up instead of a mask? Make sure that any make-up can be removed with water. Do a patch test before applying the make-up: apply a small amount of make-up to the inside of the arm and wait one hour. Do not use the product if itching or irritation occurs.

8. Masks should not go over or around the eyes. They should be taken off while crossing the street! Cross streets only at corners—not in the middle of the block.

9. Plan your route well ahead of time.

10. Confine visits to daylight or early evening hours. Go to known neighbor’s houses, or the immediate neighborhood. Use well-lit streets.

11. Review pedestrian safety rules with children: Stay together, walk, don’t run, look both ways before crossing streets, and cross only at corners.

12. Instruct children not to eat their candy before they return home. Examine their Halloween “haul”with them.

13. Why not give out non-food items—baseball cards, crayons, stickers, little books?

14. Please do not let young children watch scary or violent Halloween movies!


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