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Return to Play After COVID-19

If your child has had COVID and is planning to return to intense physical activity or sports, please be aware of the return to play guidelines.


Is It Teething?

Dr. Tiffany Spanier answers your common questions about teething, the symptoms, and how to provide comfort for your child.


Strategies to Care for Our Mental Health

Dr. Reuter offers tips for parents on identifying mental health triggers in teens and equipping them with the tools that ensure a sense of calm and security.


Preparing your Child to Learn and Thrive

Sleep hygiene and screen time limits are two areas that may need a reset before children return to the classroom. Find out how to prepare your child to learn and thrive.


Breastfeeding Your Baby: Getting Started

A helpful guide from the AAP for breastfeeding moms.


Sleep and Young Children

Sleep is essential for physical health, immune function, and mental health, but getting children to sleep and to stay asleep can be challenging. Lexi Abel, ARNP, MPH, discusses tips for creating a healthy bedtime routine and how to address bedtime struggles.


Screen Time: A Guide to Digital Media Use

The use of digital media has exploded over the past few years. Our own nurse practitioner, Lexi Abel, discusses the developmental effects of screen time.


Preventing Preeclampsia

Preventing premature birth is the first step in the health and development of your child's journey. One way to prevent premature birth is by taking steps to prevent preeclampsia in the mother.


What's new in car seat safety?

Dr. Tham reviews car seat safety.


Allergies in Children

Learn about allergies, common triggers, and what to do if your child shows symptoms of allergies.


Fevers in Children

Dr. Brianna Label answers some common questions about fevers in children.


Baby it's cold outside… Tips to keep your whole family healthy this holiday season!

Dr. Alex Hill offers helpful tips to keep you and your little one happy and healthy this holiday season.


Teething Medications: A Warning on Benzocaine

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the FDA warn against the use of teething medications containing benzocaine.


MD, DO, PA, and NP: Choosing a Provider

Learn more about our diverse group of providers.


Bullying: It's Not OK

Learn how to talk to your child about bullying with these tips from the AAP.