Meet Allegro

Meet Allegro!

Meet Allegro events are live, virtual, group webinars, where families can meet our pediatricians who are accepting new patients and learn more about what Allegro offers to families for their pediatric health care needs. These events are great for those expecting a new family member, or for families with children of all ages who are new to our practice or area. Here’s what to expect: 

  • These events are free!

  • The interactive webinar will be about 30 minutes. 

  • At these interactive events, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to an Allegro provider and learn more about our practice.  

  • To make sure there is enough time to answer everyone's questions, groups are limited to 10 families per event.

  • Doctors will not be providing medical advice during webinars. Please schedule a virtual visit if you have medical questions or concerns.

The pediatricians below are accepting new patients and excited to meet you! Here's a look at our upcoming Meet Allegro schedule:

browder.betsy-circlesmall.pngDr. Betsy Browder - Issaquah Highlands Clinic

Wednesday, 12/02 at 6:00PM

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david.hiroko-circlesmall.png​Dr. Hiroko David - Totem Lake Clinic* 

Thursday, 12/10 at 1:00PM

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corey.katie-circlesmall.pngDr. Katie Corey - Factoria Clinic*

Monday, 12/14 at 6:00PM 

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stein.emily-circlesmall.pngDr. Emily Stein - Totem Lake Clinic*

Tuesday, 12/21 at 6:00PM

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coleman.anne-circlesmall.pngDr. Anne Coleman - Redmond Clinic

Wednesday, 12/30 at 1:00PM

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tham.irene-circlesmall.pngDr. Irene Tham - Issaquah Highlands Clinic**

Thursday, 01/07 at 6:00PM

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lu.robert-circlesmall.pngDr. Robert Lu - Redmond Clinic

Saturday, 01/09 at 1:00PM

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marion.dominique-circlesmall.pngDr. Dominique Marion - Factoria Clinic

Monday, 01/11 at 6:00PM

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weigle.emilie-circlesmall.pngDr. Emilie Weigel - Bothell Clinic

Tuesday 01/19 at 1:00PM

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mcconnell.fiona-circlesmall.pngDr. Fiona McConnell - Redmond Clinic

Wednesday, 01/27 at 6:00PM

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hill.alexander-circlesmall.pngDr. Alex Hill - Bothell Clinic*

Thursday, 02/04 at 6:00PM

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williams.katherine-circlesmall.pngDr. Katherine Williams - Issaquah Highlands Clinic**

Monday, 02/08 at 6:00PM 

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han.genesis-circlesmall.pngDr. Genesis Han - Redmond Ridge Clinic

Wednesday, 02/24 at 1:00PM

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tham.irene-circlesmall.png​Dr. Irene Tham - Issaquah Highlands Clinic**

Saturday, 03/20 at 1:00PM

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*These providers are currently seeing patients at the location listed above and will be returning to the Bellevue Clinic when COVID-19 restrictions end.

**These providers are currently seeing patients at our Issaquah Highlands Clinic and will be returning to the Sammamish Clinic when COVID-19 restrictions end.