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We all have those days when we hit unexpected traffic, or just can’t get out of the house on time. If you are running late for your appointment at Allegro Pediatrics, please let us know.

We do our best to accommodate our patient families and to be on time for all our appointments. When patients arrive late, it can affect our schedule and impact other families. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, you may be asked to reschedule in order to give your child the best care.

We understand that plans change and ask that you please contact Allegro Pediatrics if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.

Patients with appointments who do not arrive prior to the end of their scheduled appointment time will be considered to have “no-showed” their appointment. A patient will be considered a no-show in the following situations:

  • A visit scheduled more than 7 days in advance without cancellation prior to the day of visit
  • A visit scheduled within 7 days of the visit date without cancellation by the appointment time
  • Any visit in which the patient arrives later in the day than the full patient visit time

This no-show policy will be enforced with the following actions by Allegro Pediatrics to ensure mutual accountability and respect:

  1. 1st Occurrence: Patient family will receive a warning and reminder of our policy
  2. 2nd Occurrence: $25 charge and reminder about our policy
  3. 3rd Occurrence: $50 charge and notification that any further occurrences will result in discharge from Allegro Pediatrics
  4. 4th Occurrence: Patient will be discharged from Allegro Pediatrics and will need to seek medical care elsewhere
  1. Video or audio recording and photography (hereinafter referred to as "recording") in the exam room require the consent of both the patient and the provider and/or staff involved.
  2. To assure safe provision of care, we do not allow recording during procedures.
  3. Allegro Pediatrics reserves the right to request that recording be discontinued at any time during the visit, at the discretion of the staff or providers involved.
  4. Any permitted recording is not part of the medical record and the parent/guardian assumes sole responsibility to protect the privacy of the recording.
  5. To insure the privacy of other patients, recording is only allowed in the exam room with the door closed and not in common areas like the waiting room.

Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare for infants, children, and adolescents within our community. That starts with preventative visits like well child checkups to help keep children healthy.

Currently a vast majority of insurance plans include coverage for well care appointments with no charge to the patient’s family. Well child checkups include a general assessment of growth and development, screening for medical, behavioral, and psychological problems, advice about safety and development, a review of vaccinations and updates as needed, and the completion of a health form for participation in school, sports, camps and other activities. In the course of performing this type of visit your physician will be happy to address specific concerns or questions that you have about your child’s general well being.

In some instances a more significant or time consuming health or psychological problem will be identified and addressed. If so, the time and effort in addressing that problem may go beyond the scope of what is included in a normal well child check-up.

Some examples include:

  1. A diagnosis of a new problem requiring testing, referral and or a new prescription
  2. An extensive discussion of a new or existing medical, behavioral or psychological problem
  3. A procedure such as removal of a bead from the nose or treatment of a wart

These cases may incur additional charges which are outside the scope of what your insurance covers in a well care appointment and may lead to you having some financial responsibility for the visit. If you are having financial difficulties and cannot readily pay your bill at Allegro Pediatrics, please contact our billing office at 425-460-5601. We will be happy to discuss the situation with you to see if we can help arrange a workable payment plan with you.