Farewell to Dr. Minkin

Dec 21

Allegro Pediatrics

Farewell to Dr. Minkin

by Allegro Pediatrics

To My Patients and Their Families,

This letter is to let you know that I am retiring in January of 2021. I am grateful for the opportunity to have provided care to your family during my 50 years as a pediatrician! I started working in Bellevue in 1973 and joined Allegro in 2000, where I also worked in an administrative capacity. I appreciate the chance to work with Allegro staff to provide up to date pediatric care.

I have enjoyed the privilege of assisting generations of families in bringing up their children and caring for their health needs. It makes me smile when I think of the many words of wisdom and humor your children have shared with me. I will miss each one of you. It has been a joy to help families navigate childhood.

In my years of practice, I have seen many changes. I entered practice before cellphones and computers had become a part of everyday life. The expanded number of childhood vaccines has led to a decline in major pediatric illnesses like measles and meningitis.

You may wonder what I hope to do with the newfound free time. While COVID has put a damper on my retirement plans, I hope to one day be able to spend more time with my grandchildren, travel with my wife and take woodworking lessons.

I am confident that my Allegro colleagues will continue to provide the best pediatric care to each of your children.

I wish you all the best.


Stuart Minkin, MD, FAAP