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Apr 06

Allegro Pediatrics

How to Celebrate During Social Distancing

by Allegro Pediatrics

Many of us are missing out on extended family celebrations, religious events, and spring vacations due to COVID-19. Here are some ways to keep traditions alive, stay connected, and celebrate during this unusual time.

Cook & Bake Together

Cooking and baking with your immediate family is a great way to bond. Plan a family meal together with everyone’s favorite dishes or divide the family into teams and have a bake-off.

Your family may be used to having special meals with extended family. A great way to stay connected is by having a virtual recipe exchange. Email relatives and ask them to submit their favorite family recipe that they usually contribute to family meals. Assemble the recipes into a document that everyone can share and enjoy. You can also invite extended family to have a virtual dinner together.

Have a Virtual Party

Birthdays and other celebrations may look a little different right now. Connect with friends and family by having a virtual party! Send an email invitation out for a themed Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime party. Everyone can dress up in themed attire and play games such as freeze dance, Pictionary, or karaoke.

Recreate a Vacation at Home

Many families are missing out on spring vacations due to COVID-19. If you were supposed to be spending time together on the beach, try recreating a beach vacation at home. Create a pretend ocean with blankets, turn on an ocean-sounds playlist or display an ocean-view image on the TV, relax on a beach towel, and serve tropical smoothies. This may not be as great as being on an actual beach, but it will help create fun memories for you and your family.

Participate in Religious Ceremonies Online

It is important maintain social distancing, even during significant religious celebrations. Many religious communities are offing virtual services during this time. Visit your religious community’s website to find virtual service, meeting, and support options.